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 We bring you food inspired from our culinary journey!

Stirling Highway is a local hangout in Singapore offering a simple, handcrafted and flavour-inspired menu with fresh, wholesome ingredients.​

Our journey started in Australia, back when we were fresh faced university students, alone in a foreign land. Cafe hopping, winery road trips, BBQ parties, cookouts and even Masterchef TV marathons were fundamental ways to destress, overcome homesickness, get over now seemingly menial woes of studying abroad and to have fun with friends. These food and friends centred activities became our haven. As we moved through different phases of life, we travelled the globe in search of new havens; Our tastebuds developed and our love for food grew, inspiring us to one day create our very own food haven. That was when Stirling Highway was first conceptualised. We envision Stirling Highway to be our haven; to share with family and friends the passion, love and comfort brought about by food. Stirling Highway was developed and created not only for ourselves, but for you - our family and friend.

So how did we get our name? Aside from being the road which brought us to our various food havens, Stirling Highway was also the road name to the place we called home in the few years we lived abroad. We first started our food experiments in the kitchen of our home away from home. Our budding relationship with food was nurtured in that small and quaint kitchen. Naturally, the name Stirling Highway was chosen, as we aim to journey with you on your budding relationship with food; right here at Stirling Highway, where the passion and love of food begins.

About our cafe